Therapeutic Yoga

 Yoga Therapy Intensive for Self Care and Vitality
With Mirka Kraftsow

A Six Week Series
Thursday Evenings
May 18 – June 22
6:00 – 8:00 pm

Yoga Therapy treats the whole person, seeking to change attitudes and actions that inhibit the natural process of healing.

This Experiential and Educational Intensive will provide you with the tools to relieve aches & pains and enhance resilience and vitality.

To sustain strength, stability and health for your upper back, neck and shoulders lower back, sacrum, hips, knees and feet.

Deep relaxation, gentle breathing and simple healing sounds will be an important part of all our sessions.

Mirka is a Yoga therapist bringing decades of experience as a dedicated mentor to yoga students and teachers, leading retreats/workshops in the US & Europe. She has helped hundreds of individuals maintain a personal practice and manage challenging therapeutic conditions. She is a co- founder of the American Viniyoga Institute.


Yoga Therapy Workshop Series with Nichole Turnbloom

Sacroiliac Joint & Yoga Therapy Workshop
with Nichole Turnbloom
June 3, 1-4pm
$60 (early bird $55 by 5/26)

Come explore the basic anatomy and mechanism of the sacroiliac joint with part lecture, part practice as we learn measures to safeguard the stability of this often problematic joint through breath, sound and movement. You will come away with a new understanding and deeper appreciation of the S.I. joint as well as ways to bring it back into balance.

Unburdening the Shoulders
with Nichole Turnbloom
July 1, 1-4pm

In the workshop we will look at the basic anatomy of the shoulders and neck and how our shoulders affect how we stand and how we breath. We will look at the burden of our modern lifestyle through stress, posture, how we communicate and how we work. We will examine ways to work with our shoulders to ensure a safe practice as well as how to use yoga therapy to recuperate from injuries such as rotator cuff.

with Nichole Turnbloom
August 12, 1-4pm

In this workshop we will look at the main types of scoliosis-functional and structural and the ways it affects our overall alignment in mind, body and spirit. In addition we will examine different perspective, treatments, as well as recents studies. Finally ending by peering through the lens of yoga therapy to address gentle and effective ways to retain strength, length and balance.

*open to those with scoliosis as well as yoga teachers. 

Nichole Turnbloom is a RYT-500 and yoga therapist with over a decade of experience. She teaches with humor and warmth while inviting self-acceptance and mindfulness to her students and clients. She will share her own journey and insights of the S.I. joint in the workshop.