Other Offerings at Devi Yoga Center

Deb Grant

Musician, Sound Practioner, Ceremonialist, Workshop Facilitator
Saturday, July 7, 2018
Accompanying Kashi’s L1 TriYoga Class
Donations For Musician Welcome
Deb Grant weaves music, sound, voice, movement, & poetry together, both in her performances and in workshops.

Her music performances are ceremonial, offering a rich experience of deep listening, meditation and prayer. She creates beautiful improvisational soundscapes that open the heart and touch the soul. Deb began as a drummer and percussionist and has been playing music for 30 yrs. Her music blends the sounds, rhythm, melody drone, tones of the Handpan, Shruti box, Tambour, Kalimba, and a variety of Drums, Rattles, Bowls, & Bells, Deb offers workshops that explore raw tender edges, Rites of passage & Thresholds, and invites deep authentic expression. She has played music at the bedside of hundreds of Hospice patients and facilitates groups for those healing from cancer. In addition, she performs for a variety of classes, events, & venues. Music is her medicine, and tool for transformation, well-being and healing ,


Kimberly Haynes Performing at Devi Yoga Center

Wednesday, June 27th, 8-9:30pm
Come early for Kashi’s TriYoga class (at 6pm) and enjoy Kimberley’s music during Yoga Nidra

Bathe in the sublime and soothing sounds of the songs of Kimberly Haynes. Kim expresses her musical art in a variety of genres including sacred chant, world, folk, and dream pop. As a member of the human race, Kimberly is dedicated to supporting harmony on the planet through the medium of art and music. You will be swept away by her enrapturing sonic portals into the heart space, and the masterful Vito Gregoli on guitars, flute and sitar.

To discover more about Kimberly Haynes, please go to: www.MusicMedicineWoman.com or view her videos at Youtube/KimberlyHaynesMusic

Jens Jarvie
& The Heart Wide Open

Check Back For Next Date
$15 – $20 Donation   

Join Jens and The Heart Wide Open for their ever-deepening, ever-expanding kirtan offering! Chant into being, awaken within community and feel alive in the sacred space of song. Join us as we sing out in our collective voice through the vibration of medicine mantras. Other musician friends will join and will enliven the evening with transformational music. $15-$20 donation requested. 


Yoga Classes
with Michelle Haviar

Thursdays, August 16 – October 4, 9:15-10:45am   

More Info on Michelle’s class will be coming soon. Please check back.


Contact Michelle to register: 541-621-8784 or greentara61@yahoo.com