TriYoga is a complete and revolutionary system based in ancient yoga. Experience the kundalini-inspired sequenced flow of yogasana (postures) synchronized with pranayama (rhythmic breath) and mudra (focus). The result is increased energy… physically, mentally, and spiritually. This gives the mental clarity to manifest one’s life with greater awareness.

TriYoga Flows is a complete hatha yoga method founded by Kali Ray. The inspiration and guidance for the TriYoga Flows comes from Yogini Kali Ray’s direct experience of kriyavati (kundalini manifesting on the plane of hatha yoga). In the TriYoga Flows, breath and focus are united with flowing and sustained postures in systematized sequences. The flows are comprised of poses that are categorized into seven main posture groups: Standing, Forward Bends, Spinal Twists, Backward Bends, Balancing, Inversions, and Sitting. Since the method is systematic, students can progress from Basics to Level 1 and then to subsequent levels as they increase their flexibility, strength, endurance and knowledge. Through sustained awareness on all aspects of the practice, the inner flow naturally emerges. This trinity practice is by the nature of its origin, deeply meditative and transformative.


Basics is suitable for those new to TriYoga or those who want a gentle, slow-paced class. Basics is a complete practice of 108 postures presented systematically, learned over time and is the foundation for TriYoga Flows. Focus is placed on moving with the breath, learning the wavelike motions of the spine and core strengthening movements. This level benefits everyone, beginners to advanced. Bolsters, pillows and props can be used to ensure comfort and correct alignment. There are 5 Basics primary series plus additional flows for a varied practice as well as a number of shortened sequences to help inspire a home practice.

Level 1 (Earth)

L1 is suitable for students who have studied Basics and are ready to try a more challenging practice, or those who have had previous yoga experience. The earth element predominates in L1. Emphasis is on correct alignment, unwavering focus on the breath and expansion in all directions, laying a solid foundation for steady comfortable asanas. Each flow series is a complete practice. There are 5 L1 Primary series. Each series consists of 3 condensed class length versions, and a workshop length full series that combines all others. Including 5 additional 108 series, there are a total of 25 L1 series and numerous other flows that can be combined in countless ways to make for a complete and varied practice.

Level 2 (Water)

L2 is suitable for students who have studied L1 and who have mastered the wavelike spinal rolls. The water element is the focus of L2. The wavelike motions of the spine introduced in Basics and used throughout L1, naturally evolve into energy flows in L2. (Please note that Basics and L1 students can also experience the energy flows at each of those levels when one practices with a relaxed body, a rhythmical breath and a calm and focused mind.) When one dissolves into the flow synchronized with the breath, steady comfortable asanas emerge and dissolve in a manner that opens energy channels (nadis) and stimulates the flow of subtle energy. The L2 series follow the same structure as L1. There are 25 series and numerous other flows for L2.

Level 3 (Fire)

L3 is a dynamic and challenging practice requiring strength, flexibility and endurance. It is suitable for strong L2 students and those who have knowledge of how to substitute asanas and transitions to maintain a safe and comfortable practice. The grounding and alignment of L1 and the steady and even-paced flow of L2 are maintained as more challenging asanas and flows are introduced. The L3 series follow the same structure as L1. There are 25 series and numerous other flows for L3.

Gentle TriYoga

Gentle Yoga draws from the five Basics Series of TriYoga. This class is for those who need a very gentle approach to yoga due to physical limitations, injury, larger bodies, new to moving the body or being over-tired and stressed. The yoga postures are deeply nurturing, therapeutic and restorative bringing the body and mind into a state of balance. Props are used to ensure comfort and to support proper alignment.

Private Yoga Sessions

In a private yoga session individual needs are addressed. Through the TriYoga practice, guidance is given in developing a daily practice and support in moving through old patterns and resistance to release blocks in body and mind. The session will be designed to your particular needs and could include TriYoga flows and postures, breathing practices, concentration and meditation techniques. Some students have a regular private practice, while others may take a private session, as a support to the group sessions, periodically for refinements and to deepen understanding.

Family Yoga Class

Families come together through the practice of yoga! In a lighthearted environment, classes will explore breathing practices, postures and flowing sequences, partner fun, soothing relaxation techniques and guided visual journeys. Come learn a practice that can become a part of your daily life for health and well-being.

TriYoga Kids Class

Children stretch and strengthen their growing bodies while having fun. They might meow like a cat, growl like a lion, reach like a tree or be huge and still like a mountain. Games and stories are included to introduce concepts such as sharing and caring, community and self-esteem. Guided inner journeys might include going on a magic carpet ride or entering into a magic forest. These practices develop inner and outer strength, focus and concentration.

TriYoga for Teen Girls

Young women will learn a healthy and fun practice for body, mind and spirit. A yoga class designed for teenage girls to develop strength, flexibility, balance, positive self-image, focus, concentration and well-being. The class will include postures and flows for developing strength and flexibility, breathing practices for strengthening the immune system and lungs, concentration and meditation techniques to deepen inner focus and awareness.

Corporate Yoga, Conferences & Retreats

Ask us about our corporate yoga program in bringing the stress relieving practice of yoga into the work environment, business conferences and company retreats. Employees and executives enjoy a practice before work, during the lunch hour or after the workday. These one-hour sessions can help you feel relaxed and focused, increasing mental clarity, health and wellness. Besides the health benefits, the effects on moral and overall job happiness are measurable.