Yoga Lifestyle Coaching: A Three Month Program


Our yoga practice gives us feelings of kindness, acceptance, compassion and peace. We rush from our busy lives, jobs, children, appointments, responsibilities and more to the sanctuary of the yoga studio. I hear again and again from students, upon arriving into our center, with a great exhale, “thank goodness I’m here!” And then when leaving, “I’m so grateful, that was just what I needed!” And then we return to the hectic pace of our lives feeling a little more able to handle it.

The Yoga Lifestyle Coaching Program brings the practical teachings of yoga into our daily living. What we are learning on the mat such as non-harm, non-stealing, truthfulness, moderation, and letting go, we can bring into our lives moment by moment. The practices of purity, contentment, rigorous practice, self-study and devotion are habits that ground and sustain us as we live in this world.

Cultivating a yoga lifestyle is integrating the life supporting and ancient teachings of yoga throughout your daily life so that this deep wisdom provides the foundation for everything you do.

The Yoga LifeStyle Coaching Program is a 3 month program meeting once a week (4x/month) for 60 minutes in person or for those long distance, via skype. Each month you will set an intention and will have a yoga principle as your focus. You will be given a yoga protocol for daily home practice, keep a daily gratitude journal and practice log.

Yoga Lifestyle Coaching Will Include:

  • Practical Yoga Philosophy
  • Asana & Flow
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation/Mantra Mudra
  • Identifying and Working with Limiting Beliefs
  • Positive Affirmation & Visualization

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