Triyoga Workshops

Immersion Workshops & Series


Restful Postures and Breath Awareness
Taught by Kashi Ananda
June 25 – Level 2 6:15-8:15, PDT

This TriYoga Workshop will include:
pranayama practices to help clear the mind and bring one into the present moment;
mudras for the hands, feet and eyes to bring warmth, circulation and focus;
gentle flows and postures to bring warmth and a calm energy to the body;
sustained postures using prop support for a deeply restorative practice;
yoga nidra a healing, guided journey into a deeply relaxed state;
concentration and meditation to strengthen the focusing power and to rest in the present moment as it is.

Benefits include: deeply rooted tensions in the body and mind are released; the body and mind are given an opportunity to heal and renew; emotions become balanced; immune system is strengthened; the mind becomes calm; a sense of inner peace and well-being is experienced.


The Trinity of Pranayama, Dharana & Dhyana
Breathing Practices, Inner Focus & Meditation
Taught by Kashi Ananda
May 28, 2021 – Level 3
June 11, 2021 – Level Basics-L1

The May workshop will focus on Level 3 practices. Study of Basics – Level 2 PranaVidya is required. Review will be offered.It is recommended that you have a consistent daily PranaVidya practice to attend Level 3.

The June workshop is for those new to the practices of PranaVidya as well as for those who are wanting to review, deepen and refine understanding.

The knowledge of life-energy, PranaVidya includes the trinity of breathing sequences (pranayama), concentration techniques (dharana), and meditation (dhyana). Presented systematically, these practices develop better health, mental clarity and inner peace. The breathing practices build the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis and pelvic floor, strengthen internal organs and increase the flow of prana. The concentration and meditation techniques strengthen inner focus, concentration and present moment awareness.

TriYoga offers 8 levels (Basics – Level 7) of PranaVidya instruction.