Welcome to Devi Yoga Virtual Studio

To join a class you will need to register and pay for the class before entering the virtual room. If you have already purchased a pass, you only need to register for the class. Registration is due a minimum of two hours before class start time to give time for any trouble-shooting. You will receive the Zoom Link to enter the virtual classroom with your confirmation email.

See our class descriptions to read more about our offerings.

At this time, all of our classes are online. We are doing this in accordance with the county wide Mandatory Shelter In Place Order. To help you to maintain your practice at this time please read through instructions for joining our online classes.

Before You Join Your First Virtual Class

There is some technology involved, so please allow some extra time to get set up at the beginning, especially the first time that you join. Read through and implement carefully for a great experience.

For the best experience, you’ll want to join us from a device with a video camera and microphone. This way, we can both see and hear you. You have the option to join class without video from your end if you prefer. Although it is nice for us to see each other!

To protect your privacy our live stream classes will not be recorded.
We are using Zoom to live stream our classes, and it works on laptops, iPads, and smartphones.

Step One:

Before your first virtual class, go to www.zoom.us/download and download either the Zoom client for Meetings (for computers) or the Zoom Mobile App (for phones). Please use the same email address we have for you at Devi Yoga.

Step Two ~ Get Set Up:

You can join a test meeting by clicking here to make sure your audio and video is working so you can be ready to join your first class.

Step Three ~ Purchase:

Purchase a single class or a 4, 8 or 12 class package. Click on this link to make your purchase. http:www.deviyogacenter.com/class-rates

Step Four ~ Register:

Click on desired class (Link To Schedule) to register for your class. Registration is due a minimum of two hours before class start time to give time for any trouble-shooting. Zoom Link to enter the virtual classroom will come with your confirmation email.

Step Five ~ Join:

Go to link to join the Zoom Classroom. Plan to join 10 to 15 minutes before class start time to get settled and say hello.

Step Six ~ Arrive:

If possible set up your mat sideways to the camera for teacher’s best view of you. Make sure that you will be viewed lying, sitting and standing. Have wall space available. Get settled on your yoga mat and be ready to begin our virtual yoga class together!

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Class Experience

So that you can be seen by the teacher, be sure your video is turned on and that light is in front of you not behind. Also setting up your mat sideways to the camera allows the teacher to best see you.

Props that will be useful are:

  • A Yoga Mat
  • Two or more Yoga Blocks
  • A Yoga Strap (10ft)
  • Wall Space

Other props that could be added to your home studio:

  • Yoga Bolster
  • Eye Pillow
  • Small Pillow
  • Blanket

When you enter into the virtual classroom your microphone will be muted. This reduces audio feedback. Please keep your microphone muted unless you want to speak.

If your internet connection slows down during class try turning off your video camera so that you can still see the class, but you can’t be seen. This helps decrease the load on your wifi connection.

Thank you for your patience as I learn and implement this new way to share the ancient yoga for modern times!