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Immersion Workshops & Courses


Taught by Kashi Ananda
Recommended to students new to our classes
as well as continuing students to deepen knowledge.

August 12 ~ Basics – L2
September 16 ~ L3
October 14 ~ Basics – L2
November ~ 18 ~ L3
6:00-8:00 pm
$30, $25 (early bird price)

PranaVidya is the trinity of Pranayama (breathing practices), Dharana (concentration practices) and Dhyana (meditation). PranaVidya is an important part of the TriYoga practice and will be covered in depth. You will learn Natural Breath, Complete Breath and Trinity Breath and their Sanskrit names. This workshop is highly recommended to deepen your understanding of the practices that are presented in all of our TriYoga classes. TriYoga offers 8 levels (Basics – Level 7) of PranaVidya instruction. This workshop will focus on Basics through the first part of L2 practices.


TriYoga Basics Workshops
Taught by Kashi Ananda

$40 ($35/earlybird pay 1 week before program)


The Fire Series ~ Strengthening Flow
Saturday, August 13
1:00-4:00 pm

Series 3, of TriYoga Basics is also known as the fire series. This series is a strengthening flow that introduces standing postures to develop strength, flexibility and balance and postures to open and free the hips. Flow sequences to develop and refine even-pacing and economy of movement will be practiced. Pranayama, meditation and mudra will be covered as well. This workshop is also great for those interested in learning to teach TriYoga.


The Air Series ~ Free The Spine
Saturday, September 3
1:00-4:00 pm

In Basics, Series 4, this workshop will focus on the spinal wavelike movements that are unique to TriYoga. Using the wall as a prop, we will explore the spine’s six directional movements and introduce beginning supported inversions. The spinal waves reflect the way that the energy moves through the subtle body. Physically the flows increase strength, and flexibility in the spine as well as the chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. Energetically the flows release blocks in the subtle energy pathways (Nadis – channels of Kundalini energy) allowing the energy to flow unimpeded. This workshop is also great for those interested in learning to teach TriYoga.


The Space Series ~ Free The Hips
Saturday, October 1
1:00-4:00 pm

Basics, Series 5 will focus on the six directional movements of the hips to release tensions and stress in this area. The space element brings a great inner expansion and deep restoration of body mind and spirit. Pranayama practice will be covered as well as meditation instruction.This workshop is also great for those interested in learning to teach TriYoga.


Intro To TriYoga Basics
September 13 – October 18

Have you been curious about yoga but maybe intimidated by walking into a class where students seem to know what they are doing? If you are new to yoga and would like to improve the quality of your life, than this series is for you!


TriYoga Retreat
Under The Oaks ~ An Outdoor TriYoga Retreat

October 7-9 ~ Basics – L2


 Events & Workshops
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Devi Yoga Center is available for rent.
We offer a beautiful, meditative space to practice yoga and other healing arts.

A Course In Miracles
Study Group
with Anasuya Floan
New Session Begins
August 1 ~ October 10
Mondays 3:30-5:00

A Course In Miracles Retreat
The Gift of Receiving
with Anasuya Floan
New Session Begins
September 10-11
1:00-5:00 Both Days

Breema Workshop
Nurturing Your Connection to Self and Others
with Catherine Susoev, Laura Rawson and Mickey Meredith 
October 2


Other Class Offerings
O.N.E. Yoga
Aerial Arts