Triyoga Workshops

Immersion Workshops & Series

Meditation ~ Led by Kashi
Friday, October 30

7:00-8:30 pm
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This program is an opportunity to make that U-turn inward and to begin to wake up from the sleep state that we walk around in most of the time. Entering into the inner realms within us can be likened to going beneath the ocean with a mask and a snorkel for the first time. When you are outside of it looking at the surface there is just murky water, but as you dive underneath, a whole world appears!  This workshop will include some basic breathing and centering exercises and then you will be guided into meditation using the mantra Om. Om is a vibration that is in everything. As we chant Om we are reorganizing, recalibrating and harmonizing the body and mind. Join this transformative journey. 

TriYoga Retreat on Black Friday ~ Led by Kashi
November 27

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Give yourself this gift of retreat and renewal! In this day long virtual retreat you will turn inward to discover the riches that lie right here, right now in this present moment. In this place we discover that all we need is right here within us. This is an opportunity to take your practice to a deeper and more expansive level. By taking this extended time to dedicate to your practice, your knowledge will deepen and bliss will arise. You will investigate subtleties and details of the flows, postures, and breath. With this refinement, you will gain clarity into discovering what’s in the mind and what gets in the way of reaching your highest potential. This program will include TriYoga Flows and Postures, Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy, Deep Relaxation and Chanting. All levels are welcome.


PranaVidya Workshops

The Trinity of Pranayama, Dharana & Dhyana
Breathing Practices, Inner Focus & Meditation
Taught by Kashi Ananda
Coming Soon!

PranaVidya is the trinity of Pranayama (breathing practices), Dharana (concentration practices) and Dhyana (meditation). PranaVidya is an important part of the TriYoga practice and will be covered in depth. These workshop are recommended to deepen your understanding of the practices that are presented in our TriYoga classes. TriYoga offers 8 levels (Basics – Level 7) of PranaVidya instruction.