TriYoga Teacher Training Program


Currently at Devi Yoga Center we do not have a Basics teacher training program going on. We recommend for those who are interested in becoming teachers of this method to deepen their knowledge and understanding by attending classes and workshops at Devi Yoga Center and other TriYoga Centers. 

We do currently have a Level 1 training underway. If you are interested in this, contact Kashi.

TriYoga Teacher Training events are open to all students, including those who would like to deepen their own practice, those who would like to explore the possibility of teaching, and those who would like to refine their teaching abilities. Interested students can use this teacher training program to pursue certification to teach TriYoga. The time that it takes a given intern to become certified varies depending on experience, pace of learning, and practice required.

The TriYoga Teacher Training Program that we offer at Devi Yoga Center focuses on Technique, Teaching Methodology and Practicum and covers the requirements for the 150-hour program and then some. For the 200-hour program, one can take additional courses in anatomy and yoga philosophy/lifestyle through TriYoga International. This training will also include an Anatomy In The Flow weekend which is a requirement for the 200 hour program. 

Held over the course of 10 monthly weekend intensives and weekly practicum/methodology classes, the TriYoga Basics Teacher Training will refine the flow in your own body through investigation and discovery, show you how to safely assist others, teach you how to speak the flows and lead a well-rounded class. You will learn to teach all five primary Basics series and the Basics Level pranayama series. Yoga philosophy guidelines will be presented monthly to help integrate what you are learning. Interested students can use this teacher training program to pursue certification to teach TriYoga.

Learn the TriYoga Method  

TriYoga is a revolutionary system of yoga founded by Yogini Kaliji and taught in more than 40 countries. The style includes flowing sequences balanced with held postures, joined by the breath. Fundamentals include relaxation-in-action, wave-like spinal movements and economy of motion. The systematic approach allows students to remain in Basics or progress to advanced levels. Within each level, students develop precise alignment, strength, flexibility, endurance and a longer, more controlled breath. Sustained awareness on all aspects of the practice harmonizes body, breath and focus, allowing the inner flow to naturally emerge. Read more about TriYoga by visiting the TriYoga International website,

Become a Great Teacher
First and foremost, the emphasis of the program is training competent and confident teachers. Our graduates leave the program knowing a systematized approach and how to lead a safe class and modify for individual students. The training is done over 10 or more months to give you time to acquire the knowledge and teaching skills you need to become a successful teacher. Because interns have differing levels of experience and learning needs, it is recommended that an intern take a full year, per level, to become certified to teach TriYoga. This time period varies from student to student. We recognize the dedication and hard work it takes to become certified. Those who need extra time to develop teaching skills will be given opportunities for extra support.


In learning the technique of TriYoga you will gain a deep understanding of alignment, breath control, focus and precise transitions synchronizing breath and movement. TriYoga principles include relaxation-in-action, wave-like spinal movements, economy of movement and extending in all directions. Patanjali defines yoga as stilling the thought waves of the mind. When yoga is practiced with focus and awareness the obstacles that block the flow of energy are released and first three kośas – the physical, the energetic and the mental/emotional layers of our being – come into balance, connecting us to our intuitive knowledge and the body of bliss. The practice is healing and transformative and will support you in all areas of your life, throughout your life. 

Teaching Methodology

In Methodology you will learn how to see students and help them achieve more ease and benefits from the practice. This is done through precise verbal cues, mirroring, effective use of props, and skillful hands on alignment.  You will learn how to modify postures for specific student needs. The emphasis is on learning to work safely and respectfully with students.


During Practicum you will learn how to teach with precise alignment cues to keep your students focused and flowing using economy of words. You will practice teaching each of the flows first in small teaching groups then progress to teaching outside students. Our program places a great deal of emphasis on teaching you how to teach. Upon graduation you will have the knowledge to create a safe and enjoyable practice and to work with beginning students who have a variety of needs.    

Anatomy In The Flow

This course provides knowledge of the physical body and directly applicable to teaching TriYoga. You will better understand the postures, the flow, the effects of the practice on the body and mind, the practical anatomy of prop and alignment assistance, verbal alignment cues and the use of the breath. In addition, you will understand movement, individual differences and gain a deeper awareness of health conditions and injury prevention.