I’m delighted I decided to have a private with you.  It was a very special hour and a half for me.  I was immensely impressed by your listening and the power of your presence.  It created a very safe space for me. What’s more, I was able to completely trust you and gain access to my interior plains in a way that caught me by surprise.  At one point, I was moved to tears, and I was present to my breathing taking on a life of its own in Savasana.

–Michael Alexander

Exploring my yoga journey with Kashi has been, and continues to be, inspiring and joyful.  Kashi’s deep well of knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the yogic philososphy, from asanas to pranayama to mudras, shines through in all of her classes. Taking private sessions with Kashi has given me a home practice and the opportunity to understand the deeper subtleties of TriYoga. Her wisdom and compassionate teaching are a rare find, for which I am very grateful.

–Zoe Rivers

Kashi is a master at helping people bring about huge shifts in their lives. Not just your posture, but your whole way of approaching life will shift. Her focus on the moment before action, the transition into action, and the moment after action are all metaphors for daily living. She is more concerned with your health and overall well-being than with producing an advanced yoga posture, which is the ultimate value of any spiritual practice–not achievement but connection to the fullness of your own presence. Unlike some yoga systems which might get you on the cover of a yoga journal but leave you suffering inside, this is a yoga of inner transformation and bliss. No other teacher brings Kashi’s level of quiet presence.  

–Spencer Sherman, MBA, CFP 
Financial advisor, workshop leader and author

Sylvia and I really enjoyed PranaVidya on Friday night. Parts of it were very challenging. The mind and the wandering of the mind was very apparent. I loved learning the new practices. But, something happened that I would have never expected. I went to work in the morning with some new running socks. I’ve had new running socks before, but these were different (so, I thought)! They felt amazing. I even took my shoes off in the nursing station and showed my socks to some of my workmates. I was keen to point out all of the finer characteristics that made them so enjoyable! I later went into the medication room where many supplies are found as well as the coffeemaker and poured myself a cup of coffee, IT WAS AN EXCEPTIONAL CUP of COFFEE! An hour later I went into the breakroom and saw my rain jacket and I began to share with others who were in the breakroom about how I had such a wonderful rain jacket and how it kept me so dry that rainy morning. And again I went into detail about the finer characteristics of this wonderful jacket and how great it was. IT STRUCK ME! Suddenly I was fully aware of how wonderful I felt. In that moment I began to share how wonderful I felt. In fact I felt euphoric!!! I had to confirm it. The earliest chance I had I called home and talk to Sylvia and she too stated that she was feeling wonderful. I had no idea that PranaVidya could access such an experience.  I just wanted to say thanks and WOW!  

–Mark Puentes, RN

Working individually with Kashi has helped me to understand and really feel the most wonderful and subtle aspects of TriYoga. Through the private sessions, I’ve gotten more clarity of the postures, transitions and the breathing practices. Also, the peculiarities and patterns of my own individual body..it’s patterns and habits… are so much more directly able to address and correct. I really appreciate that the aspects of the physical, mental and spiritual are so enhanced by the individual attention. I highly recommend having individual sessions…even once a month… to open oneself to these possibilities.

–Elaine Langlois, Pianist/Dancer I really appreciate the space you and your people are creating… it is deeply important at this time in the world.

–Dr. Gary Pace Thank you again for your class. I feel amazing today! To better get the significance of what this means across to you I’d like to share a bit of what’s going on for me. 36 years ago I was in a serious motorcycle accident. My left leg was the direct site of the impact from the car that hit us. I suffered various wounds but by far the most damaging was the compound fracture to my left tibia and fibula. Although I lost 2″ of bone and am left with a rather unsightly scar but I am blessed to have kept my leg. Against all odds, and far exceeding expectations of over a dozen orthopedists, I not only continue to walk but hike regularly. My husband and I hiked 10 miles on the beach Saturday and by Sunday I could barely walk on my left leg. I was feeling better yesterday so we hiked 3 miles on the Kortum Trail. When I got home I was in more pain and feeling anxious. After taking your class I had almost no pain at all. Today my ankle is more mobile than it has been in months and I am feeling no pain. This is truly miraculous Kashi. What a blessing you are . . . Thank you for making me feel welcome and for your classes.  

–Darris Once again, thank you for a wonderful yoga experience while I was visiting in Sebastopol! Your energy and presence came through in your teaching. When I came to Sebastopol I planned to see a physical therapist for arthritis of my right hip, but soon noticed a lot of improvement with TriYoga. The changes in my body are amazing! I know it has to do with physical movement, but also with energy movement.

–Margaret Emerson 
Of all the systems I have studied and been trained in, this one by far exceeds my previous understanding of yoga. I revere the depth, accuracy, intricate details, importance of every single movement and transitions, and very distinctively the beautiful mudras.  

“Thank you. In last Friday’s class, I literally had tears well up in such deep gratitude. Seeing your beautiful loving face and eyes, the ease and peace in your presence where you meet me, the student, honoring my own divinity, seeing me with such deep love and care. . .I had a surge of gratitude, such deep thankfulness for this incredible practice and the possibilities that lie within. I literally thanked God, Inner Guru, Buddha, whoever was listening and all that is for that sacred awakening and the golden opportunity to be practicing right now in this moment. I felt all my Karma aligned to give me this gift and I even thanked whatever past lives that forwarded me this wonderful gift of Karma for this practice, the Particular practice. TriYoga is an incredible and complete system which surprises me at every turn. I am literally amazed every session at what new, and not even subtle thing there is to learn! Yes, subtle wonders await at every class, but even the new advanced postures I have never seen are such fun surprises when you show us! You are a gem! I love you! I absolutely love this practice!”

–Rachel Balunsat, Photographer/Artist I initially began practicing TriYoga to gain flexibility, especially in my hips and lower back which had become very tight over the last 20 years. I fell in love with the practice; Kashi’s teaching style and the benefits of it so much that I began taking weekly private lessons with her. She is such a wonderful teacher and I look forward to her positive and compassionate energy as well as her keen knowledge of TriYoga. She has helped me to understand my body and how to use the practice to the greatest benefits for me. I truly believe that by including our one-on- one private sessions, I have developed a deeper appreciation of all the benefits of the practice; physical, mental and spiritual as well as becoming more flexible and physically stronger. I highly recommend private sessions with Kashi.  

–Susan Churchill, Owner of Churchill Cellars, Sebastopol, CA

No fitness program or physical therapy has been as completely beneficial to me as TriYoga®. The meditative, strength building, physically rehabilitating and breath focusing aspects of the TriYoga method are so wholly transforming to my being, beyond the sum total of their individual parts. This brilliantly systematized and progressive yoga practice is unique. I’ve explored other yoga practices and none have benefitted me to the same extent as TriYoga. I’m doubly blessed to study with Kashi, whose years of yoga experience, wisdom and spiritual depth add immeasurably to the benefits I receive from TriYoga.


Private yoga sessions with Kashi have really helped me to get the postures correct so that I received the full benefit of this excellent yoga practice. I first started with classes then added privates sessions. Private sessions helped me to turn the corner and heal years of musculoskeletal pain and disability. I had tried everything that Western Medicine had to offer including back surgery, cortisone joint injections and years of physical therapy. I also was diligent with a regular traditional fitness program including strength and cardio training, lap swimming, walking and Pilates.  TriYoga with Kashi has done more to restore my musculoskeletal health than all the  20 years of fitness and Western medical care combined. I am grateful for Kashi’s yoga wisdom and expertise and I highly recommend gifting oneself with private sessions, for me there has been nothing that compares. 

–Cynthia Bailey M.D., Sebastopol, CA I had been an avid horseback rider/competitor since the age of seven. But, after
sustaining a back injury 13 years ago I had to stop riding entirely. After two years of rest and rehabilitation I was able to resume riding at a much more modest level. Unfortunately, even at a walk and minimal trot, pain persisted. Three months ago I started taking your basic yoga class. One of the most exciting benefits is that I have no back pain after I ride. As a result, I am able to ride longer and enjoy all three gaits of my horse! I believe that my core has been strengthened and tension in my hips and lower back are eased by the work done in your classes. I have made no other recent changes to my exercise routine, so there is no doubt in my mind that this exciting benefit is due to your teaching. I can’t thank you enough. It brings me great joy to be able to enjoy riding again.
With devotion,

Kate Schaffner

The level of expertise and patience that Kashi brought to this course was truly amazing. She broke down each of the five series, and we worked methodically and in depth, learning and understanding the movements of each flow, the appropriate use of props and how to provide gentle adjustment, and throughout, practicing the art of verbalization and cueing,. The importance of this latter component cannot be overemphasized. A teacher trainee may understand the sequencing of a flow but if she or he cannot convey that in simple, economic language, the student will be confused. For me, as a very verbal person, this was the hardest lesson: To be laser and concise with each flow instruction. Now that I have learned this, the exquisite meditative aspect of the flow has had a chance to emerge not only for myself but for my students.  

–Suze Cohans I first discovered Kashi’s TriYoga classes in my search for relief from a very painful back and hip.   I went to just one class a week and never practiced at home, but my back and hip improved and so did my relationship to myself.  I felt most grateful to Kashi, and to this lineage of yoga.  I began the TriYoga Teacher Training in 2005 with no intention of becoming a teacher.  I just wanted to deepen my understanding of this yoga which I found so helpful and engaging.  At some point… (to this day I’m not quite sure how or why this happened!)…. I decided I did want to teach.  Learning to do this – to speak the TriYoga flows  – engaged parts of my brain that I had never used before.  I had to focus my mind, remember details, speak my thoughts.  Preparing for the certification exam was surprisingly difficult, and hugely rewarding.  I found myself face to face with insecurities of all sorts.  There is not enough space here to describe everything I have gained from preparing to teach and from being, now, a teacher of TriYoga Basics.  But here are a few:   I  live more fully in the present moment.  I act more on my own behalf, and more for the benefit of others.  I solve problems more easily.  I have become a better psychotherapist.  I more often  experience sweetness in my daily life.  I am… sometimes …more confident, less afraid.  

–Sara Alexander, MFT