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“I first discovered Kashi’s TriYoga classes in my search for relief from a very painful back and hip.   I went to just one class a week and never practiced at home, but my back and hip improved and so did my relationship to myself.  I felt most grateful to Kashi, and to this lineage of yoga.  I began the TriYoga Teacher Training in 2005 with no intention of becoming a teacher.  I just wanted to deepen my understanding of this yoga which I found so helpful and engaging.  At some point… (to this day I’m not quite sure how or why this happened!)…. I decided I did want to teach.  Learning to do this – to speak the TriYoga flows  – engaged parts of my brain that I had never used before.  I had to focus my mind, remember details, speak my thoughts.  Preparing for the certification exam was surprisingly difficult, and hugely rewarding.  I found myself face to face with insecurities of all sorts.  There is not enough space here to describe everything I have gained from preparing to teach and from being, now, a teacher of TriYoga Basics.  But here are a few:   I  live more fully in the present moment.  I act more on my own behalf, and more for the benefit of others.  I solve problems more easily.  I have become a better psychotherapist.  I more often  experience sweetness in my daily life.  I am… sometimes …more confident, less afraid.”

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