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“Sylvia and I really enjoyed PranaVidya on Friday night. Parts of it were very challenging. The mind and the wandering of the mind was very apparent. I loved learning the new practices. But, something happened that I would have never expected. I went to work in the morning with some new running socks. I’ve had new running socks before, but these were different (so, I thought)! They felt amazing. I even took my shoes off in the nursing station and showed my socks to some of my workmates. I was keen to point out all of the finer characteristics that made them so enjoyable! I later went into the medication room where many supplies are found as well as the coffeemaker and poured myself a cup of coffee, IT WAS AN EXCEPTIONAL CUP of COFFEE! An hour later I went into the breakroom and saw my rain jacket and I began to share with others who were in the breakroom about how I had such a wonderful rain jacket and how it kept me so dry that rainy morning. And again I went into detail about the finer characteristics of this wonderful jacket and how great it was. IT STRUCK ME! Suddenly I was fully aware of how wonderful I felt. In that moment I began to share how wonderful I felt. In fact I felt euphoric!!! I had to confirm it. The earliest chance I had I called home and talk to Sylvia and she too stated that she was feeling wonderful. I had no idea that PranaVidya could access such an experience.  I just wanted to say thanks and WOW!”


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