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Thank you again for your class. I feel amazing today! To better get the significance of what this means across to you I’d like to share a bit of what’s going on for me.

36 years ago I was in a serious motorcycle accident. My left leg was the direct site of the impact from the car that hit us. I suffered various wounds but by far the most damaging was the compound fracture to my left tibia and fibula. Although I lost 2″ of bone and am left with a rather unsightly scar but I am blessed to have kept my leg. Against all odds, and far exceeding expectations of over a dozen orthopedists, I not only continue to walk but hike regularly.

My husband and I hiked 10 miles on the beach Saturday and by Sunday I could barely walk on my left leg. I was feeling better yesterday so we hiked 3 miles on the Kortum Trail. When I got home I was in more pain and feeling anxious. After taking your class I had almost no pain at all. Today my ankle is more mobile than it has been in months and I am feeling no pain. This is truly miraculous Kashi. What a blessing you are . . . . Thank you for making me feel welcome and for your classes.

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