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I had been an avid horseback rider/competitor since the age of seven. But, after
sustaining a back injury 13 years ago I had to stop riding entirely. After two years of rest and rehabilitation I was able to resume riding at a much more modest level. Unfortunately, even at a walk and minimal trot, pain persisted. Three months ago I started taking your basic yoga class. One of the most exciting benefits is that I have no back pain after I ride. As a result, I am able to ride longer and enjoy all three gaits of my horse!

I believe that my core has been strengthened and tension in my hips and lower back are eased by the work done in your classes. I have made no other recent changes to my exercise routine, so there is no doubt in my mind that this exciting benefit is due to your teaching. I can’t thank you enough. It brings me great joy to be able to enjoy riding again.

With devotion,
Kate Schaffner

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