Special Events

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wONEderfest Yoga Festival
Open Studio at Devi Yoga Center
Free Classes
September 12
12:15 – 6:00 pm


A community to event to celebrate the Yoga Spirit, beyond the physical asana practice and opening into the ancient traditions of meditation, breath, ethics, focus and the wide variety of yoga paths that lead to clarity, peace and open hearted living. Discover thru experience. All are welcome! 

Along with other yoga centers in Sebastopol, Devi Yoga Center will be participating in this fun event. We will hold our regular classes in the morning, or you can go to the plaza and participate in a large group yoga class. In the afternoon we will offer open classes that are free to all. Bring your friends to Devi Yoga Center. All who visit will receive a pass for a free class and be entered in a drawing for a series of classes.

Schedule For Open Studio
(Please Note: Our Regular Morning Classes Will Be Held As Usual)

12:15-12:45 – TriYoga Talk ~ What is TriYoga? (Kashi)
1:00-1:45 – Therapeutic Yoga & TriYoga Basics
2:00-2:45 – O.N.E. Yoga – Yusuf Erskine
3:00-3:45 ~ TriYoga Overview ~  Levels 1-3 
4:00-4:45 ~ Pranayama & Mudra
5:00-5:50 ~ Kirtan & Meditation (Kashi & Sahar)


Kirtan Under The Oaks
With Jens Jarvie & Sahar
October 3, 8pm
$15 ~ Register Here
Directions Will Be Emailed Upon Registration

Sahar & Tablas

We are so blessed to have these two beautiful heart-centered, devotional and very talented artists, Jens & Sahar,  to share their gifts with us during a very special yoga weekend. This Kirtan is being offered during our TriYoga Retreat Under The Oaks and will be held outdoors in a private location. Please register if you would like to attend. Directions will be sent upon registration. Chant into being, awaken within community and feel alive in the sacred space of song. Join us as we sing out in our collective voice. Through the vibration of medicine mantras and the sweet, celestial sounds of Sahar on tablas. Other musician friends will join and will enliven the evening with transformational music.

If you are a kirtan artist and are interested in playing  your music at

Devi Yoga Center, please contact us.

Chair Yoga & You!
Taught by Mariann Weed
Begins June 4, Thursdays 11:30-12:30

Mariann Weed Photo

There are many people who are intrigued by yoga and all it’s benefits, but unable to practice yoga on a mat due to mobility issues, poor balance, chronic illness,  advanced age or previous injuries. Those recovering from surgery, or weakened by a serious illness and ensuing treatments; those who have had a mental or emotional trauma or suffered abuse sometimes feel too vulnerable down on a mat.

There are a myriad of reasons for choosing chair yoga. There is no reason why one cannot get the same benefits of yoga by practicing sitting in a chair, or with the support of a chair. Chair yoga can create a balance between breath, the body and the mind. It can increase flexibility, strength, improved awareness, calmness and concentration. Just like traditional yoga, chair yoga can improve circulation, stimulates some hormonal and immune systems. In the last decade, the medical community and mental health professionals worldwide have begun to acknowledge the benefits of yoga, and recommend yoga to their patients.

What does Chair Yoga look like?

We begin by sitting in a straight back chair with a mat underneath it for safety. We ‘center’ ourselves, bring our awareness to the breath and open ourselves up to the practice. We may set an intention for our practice that day. We then spend a few minutes exploring and practicing correct yoga breathing. We then do some warm up movements and stretches. Next, we begin practicing various chair yoga postures or ‘asana’ and ‘flows’ influenced by TriYoga.  Aligning our movement with the breath are encouraged throughout the practice. Options for individual adaptions are offered and demonstrated throughout the session, in order to tailor chair yoga to the individuals needs. Smiles are encouraged! We close class with a deep guided relaxation to absorb the benefits of our practice and honor each other with ‘Namaste’.


If you are a kirtan artist and are interested in playing  your music at

Devi Yoga Center, please contact us.