Other Classes

Other Classes at Devi Yoga Center

These teachers offer classes at Devi Yoga Center. Please contact them directly for prices and registration information.

O.N.E. Yoga

with J. Yusuf-Quddus Erskine, D.O.
(707) 829-5455
Mondays: 7:15 – 8:45 pm Cost: $18/class or $125/8 classes

This yoga class series provides participants, whether beginners or experienced, an opportunity to experience therapeutic exercise based on classic Hatha Yoga practice, including restorative poses, taught in a flow pace. Dr. Yusuf Quddus integrates Osteopathic philosophy and medical knowledge with more than 30 years of yoga practice to promote optimal health for class participants.


with Mercy Sidbury
(707) 824-6866

Tuesdays: 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Mercy’s Pilates mat class is designed to offer the student an opportunity to explore and develop internal connections to their own strength and organization, and to learn more about the classic Pilates repertory. The class relies on an ability to focus inwards and provides an opportunity to challenge new discoveries with strengthening exercises of varying complexity.

(Unnata) Aerial Yoga

with Amy Charnay
(707) 480-6002

Aerial yoga uses a silky soft fabric trapeze to support students in various yoga postures. The hammock is low hanging, making it available as a prop to partially or fully support the weight of the body. When the body is supported, students can relax into poses, allowing gravity to assist with proper postural alignment and deep muscle release. This unique style enables students to practice challenging postures such as inversions without strain and provides a deeper understanding of traditional floor poses. The Unnata stye of aerial yoga maintains strong yoga roots with a focus on asana, pranayama and meditation in a fun and safe way. This class is uniquely designed for beginners and everyone is invited to attend. Come play, explore and learn the basic techniques behind aerial yoga. Small class size with personalized attention will allow you to get comfortable with the yoga hammock and ensure a safe and fun practice. Please visit: www.aerialyoga.com for more information.

Floor to the Core

with Lance Brown
Thursdays ~ 5:30-7:00 pm

While improving your connection to mula bandha, this class introduces the participant to the power of the pelvic floor and how it’s coordinated function is essential to the core and beyond.  Beginning with movements that enable floor function, this class moves on to coordination with the muscles of the core.  Class finishes with integrated movements that feed into the staples of moving in life.

Morning Mobility

with Lance Brown
Friday Mornings ~  7:00 – 8:00 am

Find the nooks and crannies of your joints from head to toe and then wash them with the fluid nutrition they need for everlasting service. This beginner all ages class will bring opportunities for accessible movement, create awareness to the areas lost of attention and re-pattern capability for further functional development.  This class can stand alone,  prepare one for yoga practice or supplement an existing practice.