Kashi 2nd shoot-039Kashi Ananda       

E-RYT 500, Certified Senior TriYoga Teacher, IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

Kashi is the owner/director of Devi Yoga Center. She is a senior teacher of TriYoga International, has studied with Kali Ray, the founder of TriYoga since 1991 and is on the TriYoga teacher training staff. Kashi holds a BFA in Dance from Temple University, and holds Certifications from TriYoga International, Sivananda Yoga, Yoga of Recovery, Y12SR Leadership, and is a IAYT approved Certified Yoga Therapist. Her lifelong exploration of movement, breath and spirit has strongly influenced her teaching style. Through her years of study and teaching, Kashi has inspired and supported the many students who have come to learn, to heal, and to transform, through this comprehensive, complete and therapeutic method of yoga.

In her classes, Kashi creates a safe and joyful environment for students to enter deeply into the inner flow while giving clear and precise guidance for the correct alignments and the gentle spinal wave-like movements unique to TriYoga. The devotion, dedication and compassion that she brings to her teaching, reflect her many years of study with her Guru, yoga master, Kali Ray. Kashi has over 25 years experience in teaching group classes, private and semi-private sessions, corporate classes, children, teens, monthly workshops, retreats, teacher training and therapeutic yoga.

“Studying yoga with Kashi was for me a transformational experience physically and spiritually.  With her profound knowledge of the whys and hows of the human body and her humble devotion to yoga honed from years of her own practice, Kashi guided me through flowing movements so intuitive that my body seemed to be remembering them.  She is a graceful and gentle woman who lives as she believes.  I will always treasure the time I spent in her healing presence.”

Kathy Bates, Actor/Director
Los Angeles, CA

“Kashi is a master at helping people bring about huge shifts in their lives. Not just your posture, but your whole way of approaching life will shift. Her focus on the moment before action, the transition into action, and the moment after action are all metaphors for daily living. She is more concerned with your health and overall well-being than with producing an advanced yoga posture, which is the ultimate value of any spiritual practice–not achievement but connection to the fullness of your own presence. Unlike some yoga systems which might get you on the cover of a yoga journal but leave you suffering inside, this is a yoga of inner transformation and bliss. No other teacher brings Kashi’s level of quiet presence.”

Spencer Sherman, MBA, CFP
Financial advisor, workshop leader and author
Sebastopol, CA

“I have to say that from the first time I entered Kashi’s TriYoga classroom it was more of a spiritual experience than just a class.  The beautiful loving energy that she creates brings you so much closer to center, to Spirit.  I cried in that room, laughed in that room but always walked away with a feeling of complete peace and bliss.  The chanting was always one of my favorite experiences.  Her loving assistance with the asanas was so helpful, her words inspiring.  It is without a doubt the best yoga class that I have ever done anywhere.”

~ Kathy Oulahan
Media, PA

“It was through Kashi’s teaching that I began to understand relaxation in action, and the delicate balance between physical exertion and surrender in the postures. Yoga becomes a metaphor for life as we use these same skills to negotiate our individual path. To watch Kashi move is to witness the beauty and gracefulness of the flows. She is an intuitive and spiritual teacher.”

~ Kim Onderdonk
Media, PA

“In a yoga session with Kashi, one leaves the world of busyness and enters a deeper, calmer place, where the original unity of body and mind is experienced directly.  Kashi brings to her teaching a rare combination of sensitivity to each student, mastery of the postures, and unspoken spiritual insight.”

~ Kenneth Kraft, Professor of Religious Studies, Lehigh University and author of The Wheel of Engaged Buddhism
Haverford, PA

“I have studied yoga with Kashi since 1994.  She creates an unbelievably peaceful environment, yet it is always physically challenging.  She demonstrates beautifully and is generous with her time. Each movement is analyzed as it flows into the next one, so that one focuses on the entire flow.  No movement is too simple.  I’m sure this corresponds to life in that the process is just as important as the endpoint.  It forces me to slow down- a challenge for me!  I just keep wanting more so that I can go to my next level of personal growth.  This is all from Kashi’s example and inspiration.”

~ Geri Magenheimer, Teacher/Parent
Swarthmore, PA