Kashi Ananda: Owner and Director

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Kashi Ananda, E-RYT 500, Certified Senior TriYoga Teacher

Kashi is the owner/director of Devi Yoga Center. She is a senior teacher of TriYoga International, has studied with Kali Ray, the founder of TriYoga since 1991 and is on the TriYoga teacher training staff. Kashi also holds a BFA in Dance from Temple University, and holds Certifications from Sivananda Yoga and Yoga of Recovery and she is currently in Year 2 of a Yoga Therapy Training Program through Niroga institute in Oakland. Her lifelong exploration of movement, breath and spirit has strongly influenced her teaching style. Kashi has introduced and inspired many students in the flow of TriYoga who have since gone on to open their own yoga centers from Pennsylvania to South Africa. Read More…

TriYoga Teachers

Suze Pringle-Cohan, M.A.

Suze Pringle-Cohan, M.A.As an exercise physiologist and fitness specialist, Suze brings over 30 years of knowledge and experience to TriYoga Flow. With an MA in Exercise Physiology, she was Aerobics, then Fitness Director at the Parkpoint Clubs in Santa Rosa for two decades, from the mid-80’s to 2004. In addition, she created and directed a comprehensive 12 week Wellness Program for the members, incorporating a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, stress management, and optimal lifestyle. She found TriYoga in the mid- 90’s after many years of yoga practice in other lineages. She says it felt like coming home. Because TriYoga is a carefully systematized method, guiding the student naturally and progressively through the flow of kriya/asana to a deeply meditative state, its full dimensionality spoke to her deeply. Suze uses her knowledge of physiology and anatomy of movement to enhance the smooth transitions and alignments in the flow. Through this understanding, the student can more fully experience the flow of prana throughout the body. The inner knowledge and bliss that emerges is physically, emotionally and spiritually transformative.


Mariann Weed

Mariann is a retired California Licensed Psychiatric Technician, former horsewoman and was a student of Middle Eastern dance. In the past years, she has enjoyed being a volunteer usher at 6th Street Theatre and volunteers with Sonoma County Regional Parks and Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods. After being diagnosed with a foot disorder several years ago, she stopped her belly dance classes and began to practice Hatha Yoga. She began studying Tri-Yoga in 2010. She became certified for Sunlight Chair Yoga in 2012. Mariann has taught chair yoga at Santa Rosa Senior Center, Petaluma Senior Center, and a workshop for 12 Step recovery yoga at a local yearly retreat She plans to pursue certification for 12 Step recovery yoga in the future. She currently teaches Tri-Yoga Basics as a teaching intern, while completing her Basics certification. Mariann advocates for senior fitness and volunteer teaches chair yoga at the senior apartment complex where she lives. Mariann’s motto is ‘never stop learning and just keep moving.’

Shanti Devi

ShantiDevi500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Triyoga Basics Certified Instructor, Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Training Administrator & Ayurveda Enthusiast. I practice and teach yoga for the health of it! For body, mind and spirit, I teach one-on-one sessions as well as group classes. My primary focus is on Triyoga Basics and Therapeutic yoga. I enjoy working with students/clients of all levels and through teaching foundational practices. I don’t expect perfection and encourage my students/clients to always practice within their own ability in that moment, because it can change in the next. I resonate with the holistic approach of yoga and like to weave basic yoga philosophy, health benefits and principles through the physical practice. I love the Triyoga method of yoga and use it as the foundation of my classes due to its deep attention to the flow of breath, postural alignment and relaxation in action. Students experience a calm mind, a relaxed body, and steady, even breath. The practice becomes on of moving meditation. Based on the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, Triyoga offers deeply grounding kryias (flows) through the Earth & Ether, Flows, as well as strength and heating kriyas through the Water and Fire flows. My classes are geared to accommodate the beginner as well as the advanced practitioner. Come join me and see for yourself the wonderful benefits of yoga!


Veronica Wade Lewis

Veronica has been practicing yoga for two decades and, having found TriYoga two years ago, is now a TriYoga intern. Her life has been focused on the love and care for her special needs daughter, Freyja, who can be seen accompanying her every Tuesday morning in class. Veronica has also taken on the role of administrative assistant for the Devi Yoga Center and can be seen many days behind the desk. She also has trained as a Western herbalist and has a great love for the plants, and has spent many years as a bread baker. She brings an open heart and welcoming smile into her life on and off the mat.

Teachers of Other Methods

Davida Elsbree

Davida Elsbree has been practicing yoga for 25 year and is a children, teen and adult yoga teacher. She hold a 200 hour Yoga Certification. Davida is also a special education teacher where she works one on one and in small groups with Kinder through 12th grades. In her teaching position she is able to integrate yoga into the school day with her students. Davida loves to share the playfulness of children’s yoga with her students and is always amazed at how some of the most active children can relax in the Secret Garden (AKA Savasana). Davida’s children’s yoga classes are playful, safe and full of joy!

Mirka Kraftsow

Mirka is a Yoga therapist bringing decades of experience as a dedicated mentor to yoga students and teachers, leading retreats/workshops in the US & Europe. She has helped hundreds of individuals maintain a personal practice and manage challenging therapeutic conditions. She is a co- founder of the American Viniyoga Institute. Mirka can be reached at www.viniyogalife.com; mirkayoga@yahoo.com  707-824-1093



Amy Charnay ~ Aerial Yoga

Amy_CherryAmy’s personal yoga practice began in 1997 when she suffered major injuries including a shattered ankle and broken pelvis. Chronic pain led Amy to her first teacher training in Integrated Yoga Therapy in 2002. She then taught for several years in Baltimore City in various settings from studios to prisons and studied restorative yoga, meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and yoga nidra. In 2009, while suffering from serious illness, Amy dreamt she was an aerialist. This powerful dream sparked an idea of yoga without pressure on pained joints and guided her to find and study with the only two teachers in the world offering Unnata aerial yoga teacher trainings (aerialyoga.com and theyogastudio.biz). Amy also holds a Master’s of Science degree in Herbal Medicine and is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialists. She has a private clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine practice and consults as a medicinal plant scientist and researcher. Her personal experience of living with chronic pain for 15+ years and overcoming serious illness makes her a compassionate and deeply experienced guide excited to share her love of yoga off the ground!. Check her out at amycharnay.com


Mercy Sidbury ~ Pilates

Educated at Mount Holyoke and Oberlin Colleges, Mercy Sidbury cultivated a passion for the study of somatics through her 25 year dance career in the Bay Area and New York. Besides her own personal movement investigations, other influences on her practice in movement education include Bartinieff Fundamentals, Feldenkrais principals, Body Mind Centering, therapeutic exercise, Reiki, Caritas energy work, Iyengar, Kundalini and Kripalu yoga, tai chi, Authentic Movement in addition to 30 years in the field of Pilates. Since 1988, she has taught dance technique, choreography, pedagogy, anatomy, kinesiology and somatics work in the California State University system and other professional and university settings in California and across the U.S. She currently runs Bodywise Pilates Studio in Sebastopol, CA.


Yusuf Erskine ~ O.N.E. Yoga

YusufDoctor J. Yusuf-Quddus Erskine began hatha yoga in 1972. He completed his teacher training in 1974 at the Swami Vishnudevananda yoga ashram in the Bahamas. For 10 years, in Charlottesville, Virginia, he presented yoga classes and meditation seminars, integrating Sufi philosophy with hatha yoga. In 1981, while on a pilgrimage to India, Yusuf-Quddus had an epiphany activating his desire to be a healer. A process of discovery ensued, in which he discovered that osteopathic medicine was the best pathway that would allow him to incorporate his yogic experience with medicine and healing. In 1992 Yusuf-Quddus Erskine D.O. started in private practice in Sebastopol, Ca. Currently his focus is in Osteopathic manipulative medicine, HIV care and classical Homeopathy. Combining his expertise in osteopathic manipulation, therapeutic exercise, and a lifelong practice in hatha yoga, Yusuf Quddus Erskine teaches an ongoing O.N.E. Yoga class series and occasional workshops. New students are welcome!


Nichole Turnbloom

Nichole has been aiding in the wellness and embodiment of the individual through the teachings of yoga for over a decade. She brings a sense of warmth, relevance, humor and self-acceptance. Her classes offer  a time to connect with a oneself on a deeper level as well as a means for creating balance, strength and presence.  
Nichole is a therapeutically informed RYT-500 with a B.A in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State, and assists taichichuan and yoga classes there occasionally. She is currently completing an 800 hour Yoga Therapist Certification through Niroga Institute in Oakland. She has taught classes and worked with private clients from Mendocino to Sonoma counties working with a variety of styles, abilities and conditions from children to elderly from pre/postnatal to depression, anxiety, back pain, scoliosis, MS, and PTSD. Her passion lyes in the empowerment of women regardless of age, condition and emotional health. Contact her at directly at nicholeblooms@gmail.com.  

Michelle Haviar Allen

Michelle’s dynamic teaching style is a reflection of her lifetime spiritual pilgrimage that has spanned across more than three decades studying, practicing, and teaching in the Healing Arts. She weaves an eclectic mandala of healing modalities and life experience with her devotion to Yoga to offer as an embodied prayer in motion to her students.

Her foundation began with Rodney Yee and Iyengar Yoga in the mid 80’s. As a student of Anthropology at The Evergreen State College, she spent 3 years in Asia practicing Tibetan Buddhism, Hatha Yoga, and Balinese dance. She integrated her awakened spirituality into her work as a teacher, ritual and ceremonial facilitator, and Transformational Therapist at The Heartwood Institute.

In 2009, a car accident brought her to the edge of life. To regain her mobility, she worked with the masterful Viniyoga therapist, Mirka Kraftsow. She owes the miracle of her full mobility to Viniyoga. Inspired to share this miracle, she attended the 500 hour Viniyoga teacher training with Gary Kraftsow while still on a cane. Michelle has completed over 1500 hours of training and mentorship with Mirka and has been teaching and offering private sessions since 2010.
She is grateful for the teachings of Seane Corn, Rod Stryker, Gayna Uransky, Gabrielle Roth, and many others who have profoundly touched her life.

Occasional Teachers for Subbing our TriYoga Classes

Tara Crane (Tara Durga Devi)

TaraCraneTara has been a student of Yoga since 1971. She completed her teacher’s training from Swami Vishnudevananda and the Sivananda Vedanta Organization in 1976 and advanced training in 1978. She also has certifications with Integrated Yoga Therapy, Yoga of the Heart, Mediation Teacher Training, and Vedanta Studies. She owned a successful yoga center for 22 years in Stockton, CA. She has been studying and using Affirmations for the last 10 years in her private practice of Yoga Therapy. She is now a teacher trainer with the Sivananda Ashram centered in Grass Valley, CA and teaches courses there in Positive Thinking, Stress Reduction, Yamas and Niyamas and other aspects of yoga philosophy. She is married in a 50 year relationship and has 2 adult children. And she will be living in Sebastopol by the summer of 2015!!


Kari Stettler

KariStettler copyKari Stettler’s personal yoga practice has been influenced by many dedicated teachers over the past 13 years in the styles of Iyengar, Classical Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Integrative Yoga Therapy and TriYoga. She received her teacher training in Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2001 and Basics certification in TriYoga in 2010 and TriYoga Level 1 Certification in 2011. Her passion for vibrant living has guided her study and practice of whole foods nutrition, living in harmony with natural cycles and ancient healing ways. Kari’s body and energy work practice, Inner Earth Healing Arts is located in Sebastopol where she offers therapeutic sessions in Zen-Shiatsu, Tibetan Cranial, Massage and Integrative Yoga Therapy. www.innerearthhealth.org andwww.polcumsprings.net/index.html


Sara Alexander

SaraIn teaching TriYoga I hope – at best – to share with each student some of the transformations that Tri Yoga has brought to my life: a calmer mind, a free-er spirit, a more open heart, a stronger – and largely pain free – back! At the very least, each yoga class is, potentially, a sanctuary in a hectic world. I first studied yoga (Iyengar) and dance and studied and taught Tai Chi Chuan in Paris in the early 1970’s. I pursued my fascination with the interface of mind and body, and of Eastern spiritual thought and Western psychology in San Francisco, completing a M.A. in Holistic Psychology in 1983. I have been a Marriage and Family Therapist in San Francisco (and, soon, also Sebastopol!), for almost three decades. Severe back pain led me to study TriYoga with Kashi in 2005, and I became certified to teach Basics in 2008. www.saraalexandermft.com.


Kai Panym

Kai_SwanKai began her in-depth study of yoga fifteen years ago through living at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Grass Valley, CA. From this comprehensive and classical foundation, she has practiced and taught a variety of styles, including Bikram hot yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, and the Ashtanga primary series. Inspired by numerous vipassana meditation retreats, Kai views all forms of yoga as opportunities to cultivate the art of mindfulness. Most recently, Kai was certified to teach the TriYoga methodology and is an intern furthering her study with senior teacher Kashi in Sebastopol and workshops with her Guru Kali Ray in Santa Cruz. She is inspired to practice and pass-on the systematic and graceful Flows of the TriYoga system which seamlessly unite asana (postures), mudra (focus), and pranayama (breath control) in ways that mirror the elements and cycles of the living Earth. Kai cultivates a sacred and nurturing context for her students, encouraging fellow yogis to sense the support and honor the guidance of their inner wisdoms.


Peter Karp

PK informal headshotPeter was introduced to yoga as a form of exercise by his youngest brother in 1984. Today it is so much a part of his life that he cannot imagine life without it. Yoga has helped him calmly navigate through high waters in both the business world and in meeting challenging family health issues. Peter has studied a wide variety of yoga practices before finding a home in Tri-Yoga in 2009. What resonates most for Peter in the Tri-Yoga practice is its gentle flowing meditative form within a well-defined structure. When not practicing yoga, Peter is a business coach helping business owners find the ease in managing complex business operations.


Jackie Cohen

JackiePicJackie is a TriYoga Basics intern and has been studying TriYoga with Kashi for over 5 years.