TriYoga Basics ~ It’s Not Just For Beginners!

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“Where do I start?” or “I have been practicing yoga for a long time, do I have to come to Basics?” These are two of the first questions that are often asked by students new to TriYoga.

TriYoga Basics is the foundation of the TriYoga Flows®. By starting at the beginning whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for a long time, you will be giving yourself a gift in setting the stage for what’s to come later. Basics offers five series that is the beginning of a systematic approach to yoga asana (posture), pranayama (breath) and mudra (focus). Each step prepares one for the next. Correct alignment is described in great detail. TriYoga is unique in the way the asanas connect, the precise waves through the body and the beautiful precision of the movements. Emphasis is given on not just the final posture, but on how we get there. The principles of “relaxation in action”, “even-paced movements” and “economy of movement” is introduced. For those that think Basics might not be “challenging” enough for them, I can offer that Basics can be as challenging or as gentle as is needed. Want a more challenging practice? Do more cat bows, slow down even more, take more rounds of a kriya, sustain asanas longer, don’t let a single breath go by without awareness on it, maintain one-pointed focus in the present moment. Be willing to come with beginner’s mind. Let go of what you think you know. Let go of pre-conceived ideas. Perhaps some unhealthy movement patterns were established in the past. Retrain and realign the body and mind. And for those that need a gentler practice, take less rounds of kriyas, rest more in child pose. What you will learn in Basics informs all the levels and as you build in strength and flexibility, you will also increase your knowledge of the practice which you will draw on as you progress. For those that follow the progression of the TriYoga method, a beautiful and graceful strength of body, mind and spirit becomes evident. Kaliji, founder of TriYoga, once said “The advanced student is one who can come to Basics and continues to discover something new.”

So my answer to the questions that this article began with would be, to the student new to yoga, definitely come to Basics, begin at the beginning!  And to a long-time yoga practitioner, come and explore the different levels (not leaving out Basics!) and learn for yourself how each step prepares for the next allowing one to deepen understanding of body, mind and spirit. The beauty of this method is truly in the subtle details that are learned over time. A life-time really! Welcome to the journey!


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