Intro To TriYoga


Intro to TriYoga Basics

May 10 – June 21 (no class on June 7 )
Taught by Kashi Ananda
Saturdays 4:00-6:30 pm
Tuition – $180
Individual Workshops $40 (Please note that each series can stand on it’s own, so if your schedule does not permit your attending the entire program, you will still benefit by attending individual workshops.)

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Have you been curious about yoga but maybe a little intimidated by walking into a class where students “seem” to know what they are doing? If so then this series may be for you! We have designed the Intro to Yoga for you who are new to yoga and would like to improve the quality of your life with definitive results such as:

~ Reduce muscle tension and pain
~ Reduce anxiety, stress and relax the body
~ Stimulate the release of endorphins
~ Improve flexibility and physical strength
~ Improve concentration and mental functions


In this 6-week series, we will cover the Basics of TriYoga, a systematic proven method of yoga, which includes beginning yoga postures, breathing practices, concentration practices and meditation. Props will be provided to ensure correct alignments, understand refinements and to provide safety in the postures. Yoga philosophy will be offered and how to bring the yoga principles & practices into daily living.

The format of the series will be as follows:

May 10 – The Earth Series ~ Free The Hips
Focus is on releasing tensions in the feet, legs, hips and the six movements of the hips, lower back and shoulders. This series is deeply healing and restorative.

May 17 – The Water Series ~ Free The Spine
Introducing the spinal wave movements that release tension and stress through the back, shoulders, neck and arms, and beginning strengthening movements.

May 24 - The Fire Series  ~ Free The Hips & Strengthening 
Introducing standing postures to develop strength, flexibility and balance and postures to open and free the hips.

May 31 – The Air Series ~ Free The Spine
Using the wall as a prop, we will continue to focus on the spine’s six directional movements, and introduce beginning supported inversions.

June 14 - The Space Series ~ Free the Hips & Restorative
This series will focus again on the hips to release tensions and stress in this area. The space element brings a great inner expansion and deep restoration of body mind and spirit.

June 21 - The 108 Series ~ Free the Hips & Spine
The 108s brings together the essence of all five series.

All sessions will include instruction in yoga nidra, breathing practices, concentration practices, meditation and yoga lifestyle, bringing the practices of yoga into daily life.




TriYoga Practices

Accelerate the transformation of body, mind, and spirit;
Increase flexibility, strength, and endurance for healthy muscles, tendons, and ligaments through the systematic approach;
Develop a supple spine and a dynamic nervous system;
Maximize the power of digestion, assimilation, and elimination;
Invigorate the immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems;
Purify and strengthen the vital organs and glandular system;
Awaken positive qualities such as emotional balance, mental clarity, and self-confidence;
Illuminate the intellect to higher understanding and the realization of intuitive knowledge;
Expand awareness allowing the energy to flow.

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