Through applying the principles of yogaflow, one begins to feel the life-flow. Extension in all directions expands awareness. Relaxation-in-action allows one to maintain balance. Rhythm of body and breath tunes one to the inner dance. Economy of movement cultivates having only thoughts that are needed. Wavelike movements remind us to remain at peace within the pair of opposites. “

Yogini Kaliji

I have been teaching TriYoga in this community for almost 11 years and Devi Yoga Center’s 6 year birthday will be on May 16th. Many of you have been studying with me since I brought this method of yoga to Sebastopol in 2004. It has been an honor to hold this space for so many and to share the very special and healing practices of TriYoga.  To witness the unfoldment as tensions release, strength builds, in a safe and gradual process, and peace begins to emerge is affirming of the power of this practice. I see proof of what my teacher told me so many years ago as I began this study. Body, mind and spirit transformation. It happens gradually, but the effects are long lasting.

When we began practicing the focus was on the large motor skills, the big movements. How to get the leg here, the arm there, etc. And really not so big movements, but just getting to know our body and where it is in space, and anatomic and biodynamic alignments and not to mention, how to breath! For many who are so disconnected from the body (which could be a whole other subject to go into) just understanding how to line up the heel opposite the sit bone in partial recline is a big deal in and of itself! Also the challenge of how to slow down. In the 23 years that I have been studying TriYoga, it has always been about slow, slower and slowest! Many coming into our classes mis-took the slow pace for a “too easy” class, only to discover later (if they stuck around) how difficult it was to move so slowly. Not only physically taking more strength and concentration, but moving with this concentration and awareness asks us to really to witness the thoughts and emotions that arise without judgement and commentary. This is one of the hardest practices. I’ve seen students go running out of the studio only to return to the mat once again realizing that we can’t run away from ourselves. We learn to hold ourselves with a little more compassion and love. Being firmly established in the yamas and niyamas as a foundation can support the journey. Yoga is a process and a practice. We never get done. We never graduate. We just keep showing up witnessing, and being, and allowing, and learning, and experiencing. Through our practice and dedication we come to subtler and subtler levels of refinement and understanding. The flow that begins to unfold on the mat starts to be felt in other areas of our lives. As Kaliji has said, first we flow the breath, then we flow the body and then the mind flows. We have access to that peace right here, right now and the yoga practice strengthens this awareness moment by moment.

The gifts of yoga are endless ~ the health, wellness, youthful vibrancy and energy, tools to handle the challenges of our lives, connection with others, ourselves and our own inner guidance to name a few. I look forward to continuing on this path with you.